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This is straight from his YouTube Channel, Explains a lot Looking to meet a Filipina, to marry, Date or to Have Some Fun With?

Whether you plan to meet someone online or to come visit the Philippines and meet them onsite.

My goal is to give tips and advice on life here in the Philippines and the dating scene. I have had the opportunity to live here in the Philippines and have visiting multiple places here in the Philippines and have the pleasure of enjoying the country, its people and the culture of the Filipinos.

I hope to share my experience as a foreigner living here in the Philippines and to give back to foreigners visiting or expats planning to move here in the Philippines. I plan to post videos weekly that vary in content that will help foreigners and expats.

Now, before we begin to know more of each other, I just want to say thank you so much for joining us and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. When you enjoy the content here, please don’t forget to comment, share, and ask any questions.

Especially don’t forget to click the bell button, to remind you of any new videos that are going to be coming out from our channel Our main goal is to be able to help you guys get ideas tips and tricks on how to be able to find the filipina. As your future Filipina Wife, Girlfriend, or someone to have fun with in this country.

The content on this channel is geared to that man who either is planning to visit the Philippines for the first time or for someone coming back and wanting more information. So wether you are a foreigner visiting or someone planning to move here as an expat.

Our channel is here for you to provide tips and strategies of enjoying your stay in the Philippines.

Some of the topics we will cover are:
How to find a good filipina Where to visit or live in the Philippines
How not to get scammed by Filipinas
How to save money and maintain a budget living in the Philippines
How to find a filipina wife
How To find a Filipina Girlfriend Foreigner and Filipina Relationships Long Distance Relationship advice And so Many more….

Please subscribe to our channel and make sure to comment and ask any questions.

We plan to use those to make videos and content you want to know.

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