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Steve Montelli

It appears that Steve has taken all his videos down
He has done this before so we will be watching for when he reappears

His New YouTube Channel is
Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

Who Is Steve Montelli

January 9, 2020

Steve lives in his own fantasy and make believe world. He’s convinced himself that the mighty USD$ is all it takes to buy love in PH. He will not lower himself to openly recognize P4P. All the activity has to be wrapped up on an environment where he’s romancing and conquering the girl, even if he fully knows that money is to be given. Yes, it’s a contradiction but it plays well in Steve’s delusional sex pretend adventure.

In his last stream 121 he gets flustered when some viewers ask about his mongering activities. He does mention that his relationships have a transactional aspect but according to his fantasy, he is not doing straight out mongering.

In a rumbling drunken way and alcohol induced live-stream, we can sense Steve’s frustration with what has come the way he’s perceived; a sex tourist who denies what he’s doing. He keeps repeating the same argument as he doesn’t want what is available to him in USA. Time is caching up with him, and he knows it. He wants to keep his activities a secret but the young lady in his room is an obvious sign of his thirst for quick sex and companionship. It seems this time he wants to remain for a longer period of time in PH, as he looks for an apartment in Manila. He’s tired of Dumaguete and what it has to offer, perhaps “Sexpat Central” doesn’t have the allure of 4 or 5 years ago. We can see that this is taking its toll on Steve as he looks sad and wore down. But the hunt continues, sex with a young, poor, semi-pro Filipina beats the alternative female residing in Arizona’s most luxurious geriatric facility. Good luck Steve.


Steve Montelli, The Honest Failed Sexpat.

December 23, 2019

Well, he went to Dumaguete (Philippines) and even a set of color pencils couldn’t help him “close the deal”.

Steve somehow doesn’t realize what he’s doing wrong when it comes to Filipino women. We don’t either, but indeed whatever he’s doing is not working at all. As somebody mentioned in one of the comments, it seems he’s trapped in a loop and doesn’t know how to exit it. He keeps applying the same methods and logically the results are the same, total failure.


Youtuber Montelli still doesn’t get it.

According to Montelli exploitation and abuse under the principle of a stronger economy (USA) trying to take advantage of a less prosperous economy (PH) is a totally valid point and acceptable practice. I don’t think many modern Filipinas are down with that. Steve is a product of a society that has been changing, but he got stuck in an era when gifting a 80’s Sony Walkman dropped panties in Manila. The 80s are over Steve, you have to bring more to the table. The Jollibee combo doesn’t cut it anymore.


Many of these young, poor girls have limited options, and Montelli believes he’s the savior. He’s going to rescue her from poverty and provide a better life to her family. But he keeps failing because he has little or nothing to offer, perhaps a short trip to Tagaytay or Boracay and then is back to the old routine in Yuma, Arizona.

These young girls deep down prefer to be with a guy close to their own age or somebody older who can provide something. But Steve demands their attention because he’s not happy with what is available to him in USA. It’s his ultimate right because his own society cannot provide what he deserves. And this type of frustration is the reason he becomes a sexpat or even perhaps a sex tourist.

According to some info found in the internet, Steve might be a hybrid, a mix of “sexpat” and “sex tourist”.

“The key difference between the sex tourist and the sexpat may be timescales and intentions. A sex tourist will visit for a limited time to engage in prostitution in a country with economic or legal conditions that can easily be exploited in their favour. Sexpats lack a concrete definition to identify them correctly, but it is commonly assumed that they are unable to get laid back in their home country but may be seeking more meaningful interactions and relationships with women that are not necessarily prostitutes and would be more exotic and desirable than the women available to them in their home country.”

I want to conclude by saying to Steve; just showing up is not enough anymore; you have to make yourself valuable.


Steve Montelli, the Honest Sexpat.

December 20, 2019

Once again, Montelli is off to Philippines, perhaps in his 35th or 36th trip to the islands, truth be told, we have lost count. Many visitors to PH follow the steps of the “Master Sexpat” Henry (Reekay) Velez, a Mexican-American who arrived to PH in 2012 wanting to marry his Filipino fiancé.



The relationship didn’t work out and Velez decided to stay, taking advantage of many young, poor, uneducated Filipinas who see Americans as their ticket to a better life. Many of these visitors go to Dumaguete, a small city one hour flight from Manila. It’s called “Sexpat Central” due to the high volume of westerners living in the city. Montelli is one of hundreds of Velez alumni who seek that “fake” love, 8 thousand miles from home.


Montelli plows through many online dating services specializing on Filipinas, and arrives to the country with names on hand and phone numbers of possible dates. Many of these poor, young, barrio girls are truly not interested on getting in romantic relationships with these older visitors; they rather get into a quick relationship where they can extract some money, cell phones and a free vacation.

Montelli is fully aware of this modus operandi, nevertheless he keeps on employing the same methods pretending to be courting these women. He knows they will ask for money and electronics and constantly complains to his YouTube channel subscribers about the money requests he gets from almost all of his dates. His logic to all these international trips is to find what has been denied to him in USA. Many expats complain that the western woman has become old, ugly and demanding. Philippines offers young, slim and submissive women who throw themselves at these expats just by opening wallets and showing a peek of green$ and credit cards (and maybe a visa/green card to USA).


But here is where Montelli differs from many other expats, he recognizes that he somehow has to “pay” for their affection. They are his “rentals” during the duration of his 3 week holiday in paradise. He wants to live in a pretend world where these young women love him, but deep down he know it’s just “make believe”. We admire his honesty.

So, there he goes again, ready to battle the requests for money and ipads, the cheap hotels, bad service, pollution, noise and overpriced bad food, just for the feeling of perhaps finding a true “3 week” love affair. The Honest Sexpat. Bon Voyage Steve!!!

What’s Montelli looking for?


We’ve seen Steve Montelli, a divorced American in his mid-60s; arrive in Philippines at least 12 or 13 times in the last 4 years. He lives in California and every 3 or 4 months gets the urge to get in a plane and flight to Manila. Eventually his final destination could be Angeles City, Dumaguete or a small village outside any of these two cities. But the big question is, what’s Montelli looking for? His almost obsessive patron of flying to PI and almost immediately after landing getting the companionship of a young Filipina, may give the −−impression of a seasoned sexpat. Is Montelli a sexpat?  or just another tourist looking for the young companionship that has been denied to him back in America? Is he exploiting the young, poor girls he “dates” or it’s just an exchange of resources, where the girl gets money, food and accommodations and Montelli gets companionship and sex from a young Filipina?

I guess it’s a bit of everything, but I’ve followed Montelli’s YouTube channel for over 2 years and he seems to treat all his companions with fair and dignify ways. He even paid for the cost of surgery for one of his lady friends, they are no longer together, but remain close friends. (As of October 2019, Steve has made 33 trips to Philippines. He has not had a permanent relationship yet)