Sun Kissed

YouTube Name: Sun Kissed Bucket List

Hi we’re Taz & Libby from the UK. We’ve been together for a longggg time and have always enjoyed catching flights, exploring cities and trying new cuisines. Having worked in Hospitality for many years we decided to leave our jobs in pursuit of travelling to our bucket list destinations. We’re setting off with nothing but our backpacks and dreams of travelling all around the globe. We would like to take you guys with us on all our adventures where we aim to show what travelling is like during the pandemic and all the highs and lows that come with it. Come with us on this journey where we immerse ourselves in cultural exploration and feel free to show your support by subscribing and liking the videos :)

From thier own You Tube Video “First Time to The Philippines”

From the Raw Facts Video “Sun Kissed Bucket of Crap In The Phillipines”