A Dozen Lawyers Shot Dead

This is the article referred to in the YouTube Video from “A Foreigner Telling Truth in Philippines”. [Link]

At least a dozen Lawyers have been Slain in the Philippines since the Covid-19 lockdown

This is an excerpt from an article published by ABS-CBN News.

With the money she saved ongas, driver wages and plane fare, Lawyer Aquino said working from home while using digital and electronic legal processes has its own advantages besides avoiding COVID-19 infection.

It also lessens the risk of lawyers being ambushed or killed by assassins, she added, a grim problem and bleak reality the Philippine legal profession has long been facing.
According to Lawyer Cayosa, about a dozen lawyers have been killed since the lockdown
started, and 57 to 61 have been slain since July 1, 2016.

The more we work from home, the lesser we are subject to the possibility of being shot dead on our tracks.

So while working and appearing online is stressful at times, it does have its own benefits,” LawyerAquino said”.
 Credit to: John Gabriel Agcaoili, ABS-CBN News

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