Mead Adsense Payout Offer

We have had some dealings with Geoff that until now we have kept between us.
However his recent out burst against us has prompted us to let all know what actually happened.

To say that the GD Mead attack on us is disapointing would be an understatement.
As suggested by some commentors on his “Money, Money, Money Video” said, Just pay the money to the Charity and it will settle the trolls and knockers. (or words to that effect)

We were not sure if Geoffs current cash flow situation would enable this to happen as he has just moved house, brought a new car and all the associated costs that go with that.

So we made an offer to advance him the same amount of funds that were in the Adsense account and he could then pay the charity and if and when the Adsense funds come, he could reinberse us.

This offer was rejected.

Attached below are copies of the email with the offer.