Patreon Closes Accounts that Support the Ukraine

We here at ExpatsForums do not take sides in political issues, However it appears that Patreon does and has closed accounts that support the Ukraine.
Here is a statement from Patreon.

This morning, Patreon suspended a Ukrainian organization’s page from our site called “Come Back Alive” because it violated our policies. The website of the organization says they use contributions to finance and train military personnel. Specifically, they claim to use funds they received for the following:

  • “funds were used for… more than 1,500 tablets with software for Gunnya-Armor artillerymen, 230 quadcopters, 45 mobile surveillance systems…, and more than 60 military vehicles.”
  • The organization also initiates the creation and implementation of new technical solutions,” including models of artillery weapons.
  • “trained 350 snipers, more than 2,000 sappers and more than 3,000 gunners, and training is being conducted to train UAV operators.”

We don’t allow Patreon to be used for funding weapons or military activity. It is a violation of our policies, and so we have removed the page. No contributors were charged after February 1, 2022, and any funds in the account from before February will be refunded to contributors.

For those still looking to help, Ukrainian journalists have recommended several charities and platforms that would benefit from donations, such as the Ukrainian Red Cross SocietyVoices of Children, and Revived Soldiers Ukraine. There are also 3,000+ Ukrainian creators on Patreon – and thousands more using other platforms – who would benefit from our support. 

We are shocked and heartbroken at the invasion of Ukraine. Like so many around the world, we are watching this tragedy closely and wishing for the safety of the Ukrainian people in harm’s way.



Note: These are only media links and we have no control on if or when they are removed and apologise in advance if you can not acces them as as fast as we put them up as evidence, the creators are delteting them