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Subliminal Begging !

By Brian Smith

Please check out his reaction when someone asks about the new camera
He looks very, very uncomfortable when he answers

He says Maricel gave him the camera as a early birthday gift but just look at his reaction while saying it,
Moves around on the chair because he is uncomfortable, Strokes his beard trying to cover his mouth while talking,
A classic trait of someone lying

He then says straight afterwards that he won’t divulge what Maricel is going to get him for his birthday but whatever it is, it will be a very small gift.

Then someone asks will he be having lechon for his birthday? (Anyone notice that he has changed his D.O.B from 1st July to the 3rd August, coincidently, the same day as Maricels? )

He says, no I won’t be having anything like that because they already blew their budget of between 15,000 and 20,000 pesos on Charlie’s birthday party.
Next thing a subscriber said he will send money to Maricel to pay for the family to go out for dinner.

This is an excerpt taken from a video by A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines on July 22 2021

 (copy of the comment From Robert Settles, Speaking of your birthday’s. I’m going to send Maricel something, through Remitly for you guy’s. Have a good birthday meal with the farm family. I’ll send it on the first. Enjoy)

So, the whole “No Budget” thing does work because instantly when he says he can’t afford a party for his birthday someone coughs up the cash for a family dinner.

This clearly demonstrates the Power of Subliminal ebegging.

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