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Is The Terence-Beth Martin Charity Registered or Not?

You Tube: A Foreigner In The Philippines

IMany people have asked if this couples well publicised charity is in fact legally registered or not.
In spite of many requests to Terence Martin, who is the head of this operation, he has chosen not to respond.
Perhaps he just likes the speculation which gernerates views and revenue for his personal YouTube channel.  Not the Charity Channel
A very slick move on his part. Perhaps this could explain his sudden amount of wealth he has gained in a short time. But we shall let you be the judge of that.
The Answer to the registration Question is Yes.
We have obtained documentation which we have published for you all to peruse below. 

This is an excerpt taken from a video by A Foreigner in the Philippines

This documentaion was not provided by anyone involved with the charity but from the Public Domain.

Unfortunately, this document opens up many more questions on how this charity is structured and just how it is being operated

If you have further information, please contact us.

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