Transcript of GM Meads Video on 7th December 2021

YouTube Name: A Foreigner Telling Truth in Philippines

This is the email from his researcher that was read out by G D Mead

Today we are going to talk about double standards
Brian says his channel is all about the successes and failures of farming for a profit in the Philippines
But one thing I have noticed over the years is, Brian never shows any successes
Can anyone name just one??

So why is that? Is it because Brian doesn’t have any successes or is it that he hides his successes
Brian has recently done his harvest of the tilapia fish from the ponds but
Didn’t show the actual harvest
Didn’t show the sorting of the fish on the new sorting table tatay made
Didn’t show how many boxes were filled of fish
Didnt show the ice that was purchased in anticipation of the harvest
You might say, well he doesn’t have to show anything right?

Yes, vry true, he doesn’t have to show anything but as we have seen previously from the shrimp harvest, Milkfish harvest and previous tilapia harvests that he DOES show collecting of the ice and filling the boxes with fish

So why is this harvest any different? I can tell you why and it’s so simpl
The previous harvests were all shown in full as he knew the harvests were going to make a loss
And this harvest he has made money so why would he show it?
The money that’s flowing into the Bohoval for the house build would dry up if he showed he is making money
And here is the double standards, Brian will always show the failures so he can gain sympathy from the viewers, it’s the best cash cow he has

Don’t forget, the Milkfish were stolen … Ahhh feel sorry for me
Don’t forget the pig business went bust because of COVID or swine flu …. Ahhhh feel sorry for me
Don’t forget the shrimp got stolen because Jason was lazy to organise some security … Ahhh feel sorry for me
Don’t forget the tilapia were stolen from the pond … Ahhh feel sorry for me
Don’t forget Linda didn’t do her job properly so the shrimp got stolen AGAIN … Ahhh feel sorry for me
Don’t forget the tilapia fish are dying because he has overstocked the ponds and needs air pumps … Ahhh feel sorry for me

But where is the profit?
Brian said that he had 5000 fish in one of those ponds
So if it’s 3 fish per kilo then there should of been 1666 kilo of fish for sale
At 90 peso per kilo that’s a whopping 150,000 peso gross income before taxes

Why won’t Brian disclose how may kilo of fish that’s been harvested?
Even his own commenters are asking on the videos
Even today’s livestream he ducks and dives around answering questions as to why he didn’t show the fish
Brian says he was too busy working to make any videos
Hold on Brian, if you were too busy to make videos about the fish harvest then does that mean that on a normal day you are NOT busy enough to make videos?

On a normal day you make 4 or 5 videos but claim your busy working 80 to 90 hours per week
So again there is a double standard Brian

If your too busy to make videos about the fish harvest then how come you have time to make 4 or 5 videos everyday on anything else on the farm
So which one is it Brian? Are you really working 80 to 90 hours per week?

I’m confused….
Also another double standard is that you stated how difficult it was to harvest the fish and get them out of the pond
But wait, didn’t you previously tell us locals had stolen 1000’s of fish out of your pond with just a cast net?
So again, you proved your own lies in your videos

You have just proved your accusations we bullshit by telling us it took 6 hours to harvest the fish out of the ponds but locals did it over a few nights with only a cast net
So again, just think about why Brian won’t talk about how many fish were harvested and the total kilo amount
And another double standard I found, Brian says he won’t do another harvest until he gets the money from the first one because he doesn’t trust the buyer with such a large amount of money
So Brian, you don’t trust people with money because they might scam you?

But didn’t poor Rick trust you with the sale of his pigs?
And what happened there Brian?
The only person in Bohol that has proved to be untrustworthy is YOU BRIAN
You were the one who stole money from Mitch
You were the one who didn’t pay Rick for his pigs
You were the one who stole the $100 from the envelope
You were the one who tried to fuck over Linda
You were the one who fucked over Jason time and time again
You were the one who took money for dogs to be spayed and spent it on something else
You were the one who sold your pigs to subscribers under the false pretences of giving away the pork for free but sold the pigs for 12k each

Just think about the double standards and leave me a comment on your thoughts