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"Just A Troll"

Charlie Santo

Charlie M Santo, aka “GringoLoco” thought it was hilarious to encourage other people to contact another YouTuber and try to inflict as much harm as they could on him and his family.
However, Now the tables are turned, how does he like it?
Or does his trolling extend to assuming the identity of someone else?

We have a full dossier from a reporting agency on this guy, 
It contains information about felony’s and police records
Even traffic violations
This is not private information as it available in the public domain

This information does not infringe any privacy laws as all this information is available from public records, we have just posted it here to save you the problem of looking for it.

Perhaps Gringo Loco could pass on some of his gardening expertise to the Guy he worships 

There is hope for everyone, he even found someone to marry him