Defeating Poverty Through Opportunity Incorporated

SEC REG: 2021070020618-01
DSWD REG: DSWD-FO7-R -029 -2021
BIR TIN 602-952-456-000

A Note from the Expats Team.
We are very pleased that Village People Philippines have trusted us to share their information on our site
Please Support their channel and work as it is done correctly and shows everyone, how it should be done.

Defeating Poverty Through Opportunity Inc, have produced a living manual which outlines and reports on all their activities which is a requirement when you operate a charity in the Philippines.
We commend them for this and hope that many others will follow the lead given by this group.

Once fully operational, all this information will be available directly from their own website, In the meantime we are please to help and host it here for you to all view.

                        View The Manual Here                                              View The Business Permit Here

We have been provided with the financials and an explanation for their first project
We bring them to you here

Please note: 
The figures I show are a PDF taken from a Pages document I wrote; it is not a print out from my account program. 
My account program which has my main accounts is on my main computer. 
The transfer from Pages to PDF to make a video missed off the key and the first donation dated 12 March 2021 which was from my husband and was broken down as follows: P2,000.00 less PayPal fees of P103.00 and a P160.00 tax liability. 
However the grand total of donations to the channel is correct. 


For almost three years I ran my channel without no Patreon, no memberships, no PayPal, it was not until March 2021that I put up a PayPal link on the channel. 
I had planned to buy equipment to help with my channel, but the camera I wanted, my husband bought. 

I felt uncomfortable using donations for myself or my channel, so I saved them up. I gave it some thought and decided to use all the donations ever received to help people.

I was aware of a couple in Bohol who were allegedly helping people, I remember they attacked a donor while in a restaurant that had donated $1000 dollars toward an operation for a woman with tuberculosis spondylitis. 

They had taken the woman to Cebu for a check-up for an operation that never happened, I am under the impression the money raised in the woman’s name was used towards building the wife’s brother’s house. 

One only has to look at the videos to see the trip for the check up was treated by the couple as a mini vacation, even taking extended family along for the joy of visiting Cebu. 

So when it comes to donations, I decided in complete contrast to use my own personal money to pay all my own expenses, nothing is taken from donations to my channel to pay my personal expenses. 
I made three trips to Madridejos to organize the boat project, every personal expense for every trip was paid for from my own personal funds. 
That is why you see no expenses in the accounts. 


I am operating as a De Facto corporation and should be De Juis soon. 
But all donations sent to my channel currently are considered as personal taxable income and with-holding tax is applied. 
My next two projects will be two Pedicabs I will be giving away. They are currently under construction. The next two after that will be a sewing machine and another boat. 


I have attached the PDF documents I included in my video. You can publish them. 






[pdf id=10806]