We Were Victims Of A Hoax


We were recently the victims of an elaborate hoax.

Some person, obviously worried that we were getting too successful in getting the truth out there decided to censor us.
This was by the way of. a “Cease and Desist” order against us here at expatsforums.com.
This was served on us at our registered address in New York City.

Being the good citizens that we are, we complied with the order until we had a chance to challenge it.

As soon as we could we tried to file a defence only to find out that no such order was in force.
To make quite a long story short, This matter has now escalated From the filing The Attorney, Law Firm and Court House named right up to the FBI.
Apparently they take a very dim view of people that carry out frauds such as this.

We at ExpatsForums are in no way suggesting the person named in the Order, carried this fraud out or even knew it was being done.
It is now in the hands of authorities in the USA and we shall leave it to their expertise to follow up.
We are now back doing what we do best.

Thank You

The Expats team