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Who is SMNI News TV?

Terrence and Beth are often showing videos of them appearing on TV
However, if you dig deeper you will see that it is all a front.
The Sonshine Media Network International
 (SMNI), also known by its legal operating name Swara Sug Media Corporation, is the official broadcasting arm of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) led by the Filipino church leader and televangelist Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.[2] Based in Davao City and Makati (for its sister channel SMNI News Channel), the broadcasting network is available via terrestrial broadcast in the Philippines, and on cable, satellite, and online streaming worldwide.
The network now owns and operates two television channels, where the main flagship channel, based in Davao City, maintains an uninterrupted 24-hour service through regular repetition of a dozen self-produced Kingdom Programs in English, Tagalog, and dozens of foreign languages along with news, public affairs, and sports programs. On the other hand, the network’s sister channel SMNI News Channel, based in Makati, primarily provides rolling news coverage and public affairs programs, which broadcasts exclusively in Digital TV format in Metro Manila. It also maintains a network of radio stations under the “Sonshine Radio” brand of the Swara Sug Media Corporation. The main studios are located at KJC Compound, Pan-Philippine Highway, Sasa, Buhangin, Davao City and at ACQ Tower, Sta. Rita St., Guadalupe NuevoMakati, Philippines. The network is considered to be a far-right news channel in the Philippines.

The broadcasting network was licensed in late 2003 by the Philippine government to operate seven analog free-to-air television channels in key cities across the country. It also has two digital terrestrial channels in Metro Manila and Davao City.

During its recent years, SMNI has been a subject of many criticisms and allegations from independent media watchdogs, particularly on misinformationfalse accusation, and political bias while maintaining its editorial control.


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