Why Did We Make The Offer?

For those that are questioning our motives of our offer to Geoff Mead.

If you care to read our About Us page, you will see plain and clear that we are fully funded and have no need of any money. Adsense or otherwise.

We would have thought that the reason we made this offer was obvious, but it appears not to some and that we have to explain it again.

Geoff had built up a big following and with that, a lot of credibility exposing scammers in the Philippines.

He announced that he was closing his channel, However, many viewers, including ourselves, wished him well and asked about the outstanding issue of the Adsense (To which we had also put funds into).

At this stage, Geoff was having dificulty (and still is) getting the funds from Adsense.
According to the many emails we received, this was going to affect his  credibility.

To avoid this, We made this offer to Geoff, there is not one hint of profiteering and it was on a set amout in and the same amount out with no strings attached.

In fact, we were at risk of being out of pocket once transfer fees etc were taken into consideration.

The emails between Geoff Mead and ourselves are all posted for all to see., and there is no ulterior motive whatsoever.

BTW, Our offer still stands should Geoff care to change his mind.

The Expats Team