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Is there a current Vlogger that is/was bankrupt?

Hardly a day goes past that were don’t get an email that gives us some information about the ebeggars and others that are featured on this website.

We always look at them and consider if it is just someone making mischief (Yes we get a couple of those every day as well).
One crossed our desk a few days ago that caught our attention and warranted further investigation.

One of these had the above heading.
It contained a lot of information and a few emails and a phone call confirmed that it was almost certain to be true.
But to be sure and save possible litigation, we are still chasing one key part.
Once we have that, we shall bring it to you here.

So, Why would we be worried about a Vlogger being a bankrupt.

Well normally it wouldn’t matter.
But when this particular vlogger is high profile and always asking for funding, either directly or subliminally,

I for one would like to think that the person I am giving it to had the business acumen to spend it and account for it correctly.


Watch this space