Is This The End to Foreign Vloggers in Philippines?

Safe Spaces Act RA 11313 & RA 10173

Here is some interesting information that we have recieved from a viewer.

Expats Forums,

Sharing an event that recently happened to a Foreigner Vlogger I know in Manila. He was filming in SM City Manila at the food court.
He was approached by a woman who identified herself as an attorney who was eating lunch with her client.
She stated he was violating the safe spaces act and the data privacy act, that if he didn’t delete the recording she would contact the police. he deleted it in front of her and he moved on.

These 2 laws make it illegal for Foreign Vloggers in The Philippines to video and upload virtually every video they post.

Suggest you share these 2 laws with your viewers.  

Please do not use my name regarding this message. 

“Safe Spaces Act”.
Gender refers to a set of socially ascribed characteristics, norms, roles, attitudes, values and expectations identifying the social behavior of men and women, and the relations between them;
(e) Gender-based online sexual harassment refers to an online conduct targeted at a particular person that causes or likely to cause another mental, emotional or psychological distress, and fear of personal safety, sexual harassment acts including unwanted sexual remarks and comments, threats, uploading or sharing of one’s photos without consent, video and audio recordings,