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YouTube Name: Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines

In response to a video posted by that new channel, Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines.
I have tried several times to respond to this video on YouTube, but my comments always gets deleted. Even though they replied to it and their reply was still there (at the time of writing this.)
Anyway, Thank you Expats for allowing it to be posted here.

My Comment:
If your livelihood depended upon good internet, wouldn’t you have the best there is, regardless of cost?
If it was me, I would be getting a fiber connection. If it was not available where I was living, I would move to an area where it was available or at least rent a space where it was available

Those 499 sim cards are not suitable for a business connection and were never designed for that.
They only have 1gb/30day which is way too small.
At home here in Moal Boal, we have 2 adults and 2 teenagers. Our Plan cost P999 and we get 75gb+25gb YouTube/30 days, which is plenty for us.

No, I don’t use it to do Live-Chat’s of over an hour each night. lol

Madeline Portova

From The Expats Team
We have put Madeline in contact with the new channel and unfortunately the deleting of her comments was not able to be resolved.
This is the reason we have allowed it to be published here.