Brian Smith Cleared by DOLE (Or Was He?)

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Brian Smith Cleared by DOLE (Or Was He?)

YouTube Name: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines.

Brian and Maricel have posted a video that they had a meeting with DOLE on Friday November 5 2021 in regards to outstanding salary owing to one of their past workers named Linda.
He stated that they only had to pay Linda ony P500 and it was all over.
Please watch the video and YOU BE THE JUDGE

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  1. well madeline or madleine(apparently you cant spell your name) who are you to challenge someone to disclose information? go back to your kitchen sink and do the damn dishes! or be a good wife and give your husband a bj.

  2. Why was there another meeting with DOLE?
    Didn’t he tell us that he had a meeting with them several weeks ago and got a clean report?
    That video could have been made at any time, We only have his word (and we all know how reliable that is) that it was filmed on Friday 5th November.

    But then again, It may well have been, but there is No evidence of the day that video was taken or there was even a meeting on that day.

    If there was a meeting, as he says he had, The results of that meeting are just his version of the events.
    But he did say that there will be a full report coming and they should get it by the 21st.
    If all this is true, Will he show the actual report to all or (if there is such a report) will he just read out the parts that he wants to.
    So if this report exists, I challenge him to post it on Expats Forums.

    Thank you all