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Adopted Or Not?

YouTube Name: A Foreigner in the Philippines

Has Terrence and Elizabeth (Beth) Martin (Flannery) actually adopted the Girl they show in their videos?

There are many YouTube videos where Octogenarian, Terrence Martin (Flannery) has referred to a young girl named “Lovely” as his adopted daughter.
I along with many others have questioned this statement by him as the laws of the Philippines would make it all but impossible to adopt a child.

In a recent video from Terrence, one of the comments was questioning him about the so called “Adopted Daughter”. 

On the 7th July 2021 on the comments section (Yes one of the few videos that he allows comments on)  He “On this video” (Link) he stated this:
“Lovely has been designated “a malnourished child. She looks about six but is almost ten years old. She weighed around 15kg when we fostered her; she is improving now but is still a tiny girl. ( adopted is a figure of speech – get your facts right – as I have stated on many videos) “

Well there you have it, Check it out yourself (before it gets deleted) 
I am not sure about you, 
But, until now, I have never heard him refer to her, In print or speech,  as anything but his ADOPTED Daughter.
Maybe he is under pressure or has had some official questions being asked of him and this is his way out of another hole he has dug for himself.: