Managing A Charity Corporation In The Philippines.

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube Name: Defeating Poverty This is a very informative informational video, which covers legal requirements to operate a charity in the Philippines. We would be interested in seeing similar documentation from other so called charities. It is worth noting here that many of these requirements are also the same for businesess […]

BIR Email of Interest

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] The BIR have advised that complaints should be addressed in the following matter. Greetings! Thank you for communicating with the BIR – Customer Assistance Division. To report a complaint on establishment(s) which is not legally registered in the BIR, and to facilitate immediate processing and evaluation, you can directly send your […]


[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] Below is a COPY of an email sent to the BIR by a reader of this website. From: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Date: Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 11:09 PM Subject: FOR CASH DEALS NO BIR RECEIPT? To: <> Dear Sir Madam, I am sending  this  video link  for you to  see  and  answer  […]

Report those evading taxes, get P1-M reward from BIR

From Former Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) examiner Mon Abrea said Monday anyone who will report a social media influencer avoiding paying taxes could get a P1 million cash reward from the government. “‘Yun ‘yung hindi masyado alam ng publiko. Tayo mismo pwede kumita…‘pag sinabi natin o tinuro natin ‘yung mga kasama natin na […]

Couple earns P50M-P100M from vlogging & deletes Channel

Manila Buletin A couple, who reportedly raked in multi-million pesos from video blogging (vlogging), abruptly deleted their social media channel in what the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) officials believe to be an attempt to avoid paying taxes. Based on the initial investigation of the BIR, the couple earned P50 to P100 million in the […]

Help in writing a complaint to the BIR

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] Having trouble with writing a complaint letter to the BIR, well here is the text from a viewer that you can use to assist you compliling your complaint Dear Sir/Madam, Kumusta and Mabuhay,I write again to  advise  that an American Ex Pat, Brian Granville Smith of  Purok 5 , Tanglihague, Talibon […]

Driving Illegally In The Philippines?

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] As read out on YouTube by G D Mead From the Origional Email – Here As A Foreign National Visiting Or Living In The Philippines You Are Allowed To Drive A vehicle In The Philippines Using Your Own Foreign Driving Licence For A Period Of 90 Only Once the 90 days […]

Are You Required to Register Your YouTube Channel?

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