John & Sherry

YouTube Name: John and Sherry In The Philippines We were alerted to this video which we thought we should share with you all. This really puts these expat Ebeggars to shame

Illegal gold mines in the Philippines

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube Name: DW Documentary A Documentary worthy of a look Return ExpatsForums wishes to advise you that,¬†articles, Media, videos etc are the property of the creator and we thank them for their contribution¬†and as we always say. YOU BE THE JUDGE

Hunger and Debits hit Philippines Farmers

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”0″ show_views_today=”0″] Hunger and debt: hit by Covid-19, farmers in the Philippines and hope their children follow a different path Covid-19 restrictions have disrupted the supply of vegetables, devastating the livelihood of farmers in the Philippines Some are migrants who lost their jobs overseas and returned home to become farmers, others are families […]