Vloggers Must Pay Taxes in Philippines

It’s an increasingly regulated world for online sellers and influencers. Last week, the BIR called on social media influencers to pay taxes or face charges.

Have a Laugh – Jason Suitor

YouTube Name: Grinding Coconuts It is well known that the other stakeholder with Brian Smith (aka Boss Hogg) in the failed Milk Fish venture was Jason Suitor.This project was funded by a sizable loan from Jasons father. Please go to the Gringing Coconuts YouTube channel for more laughs about the characters in the Bohovol Saga […]

Tropical Tim In The Philippines

YouTube Name: Tropical Tim In ThePhilippines This not the usual information that we post here, but in these times of all news seems to be bad news, we thought we would promote this YouTube Channel that really takes you away from all the doom and gloom, gives you a great laugh and in turn is […]