Bohol Eco Farm Vs Consing (updated)



Below is a comment from the Bohol Eco Farm regarding recent events.
This is a copy and past from their post.


Questions You SHOULD Of Asked !


Was The House Door Locked All Day So You Couldn’t Get Water ?or when they go to market only…?

Have You Ever Tried To Work With Your Other Employer Before Like She Did? Oh maybe only when they made a video..

.If Elnora Was Working With You Why Would The Door Be Locked ? Did she ever call you to stop working and let’s eat manang consing?

.Why Are All The Locals Amazed Because They See Elnora Working All Day ? And Driving You Down There And Selling Vegetables With Her?some even said she inspired them to plant too.

.WhY is It Elnora always Mad at jr? is that bad of Elnora asking him to work with you coz you almost Got same salary? You always said’ Just leave it coz he is brother so he can work whenever he want?

It is no good to see the old woman and your sister is working under the sun while you sitting in there Talking with Girls in Phone right?

Why did we decide to tell you that you can work to us whenever you want?after i told you that this work i give you is only temporary just for you to have something to eat and your family that time.

Is it when you cried to me and your daughter because you said you heard Gina told you that if Elnora will not need you anymore she will dumped you like shits..,?

After few months you will come to me and ask me that Gina asked you to sell their vegetables because they can’t sell it? Wow

When sibling is fighting? Is it normal to them to say  painful words throwing each other then after few days they were Ok again? And there you are sharing it to the public?

How you will going to feel if I also shared your problem with your daughter when you fighting  in public for me look good?

Did Jnr Work On The Farm To Save Money For His Licence ?

.Did Jnr Get Salary Of 250 Per Day, With Free Bamboo House, Free Food Everyday, Free WiFi, Free Multicab To Drive to meet the girls etc….

.Did Elnora Make Jnr Leave Because He Was. Chick Boy And Causing Issues Dating Many Local Girls At The Same Time ?Bringing them To The Farm And Acted Like He Owned It?

Why Were You Crying About Needing Roofing Sheets When Your Nephew Already Give You Some?

And when I asked you about it you said it is for the church.. And when jr asked ronmar he said its for the house.?

Why Did You Spend The 20k Subscribers Send To Build A CR If You So Desperate For Roofing Sheets ?

Have I ever told The viewers that time my family house was gone coz of typhoon..and they also struggling there for food?

How Many Times Did Elnora Treated You Somewhere And Not Ashamed To Walk Holding Your Hands and Eating With You In The Restaurant? You said You Know someone was ashamed to do that.

When did Elnora Knows about Your lands has other loans? How many loans have you got?

Did you shared it to your viewers too? No you didn’t..!

Why Did You Leave your last employer to Work For Elnora ? Your answer might the same as what you told to your viewers now.. Elnora Treated you So very Bad..

.Why Didn’t You Stay Working At The Bohoval If Their Attitude Was So Good ?I remembered Your daughter Said You already Out from Hell that time..

.Why Are You Selling Their Vegetables And Telling People It’s From “Eco Farm” ?

And When People Asking Where Is Your Service What Did You Tell Them? Maam Truck is damage ..As I know you already Left to our farm that time..

Is it Elnora a saint? She don’t deserve to get mad even She knows That It is Already Too Much?

.Where Is The Text Message From Elnora Calling You A Scammer ?Did you ever ask her first if it is really her who made it before you brought yourself on public?

.Where Is The Proof Gary Called You A Scammer ?

Is that true that elnora look down on you and your Family?

When we are in barangay to do the agreement.. Did you tell elnora that you will bring your all your family in there? Did dalyn told her viewers that she told elnora she is more educated than her so she will not act like a smart girl and bring her province attitude her coz she is not from here! She hates me for not finishing her son fee.

Girl, i graduated in college as working student and we never loaned it through our farm because i got some scholarship.

Calling me as scammer because i asked gary a salary when he provided my needs and we are in relationship?.. .why i need to give my brother a salary if i know that he is my family and we provide his food and everything he needs?it is because i give him salary so he  is now my worker and not my brother..? it is not because you heard gary saying he give me salary means he treated me as his worker too thats the way we called it when he sent me my allowance so no taking advantages of each other..


Now is it my fault to defend myself from the accusations? It is my fault to brought up this matter when this supposedly between you and me. ? As I always said if you have a problem to me. We will talk in barangay. But it seems you all love the whole world will know the drama.