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YouTube – Are You Serious?

YouTube Name:

Okay, Youtube, Why do you make it so difficult to lodge a complaint?
We have a viewer that forwarded this to us.
A complaint on a privacy issue was logged with YouTube and a Receipt was received stating that it will be looked at.
Two days later a email was received the the Vlogger had been given 48 hours to challenge or take down the video.
Two more days later this email was received.
All the fields were prefilled by YouTube and the question box to tick was to either
1. Withdraw the complaint

2. Wish to continue with the complaint.

The box to continue was selected, BUT, it was obviously Not the answer that YouTube wanted because it returned an error. as you can all see.

However, by clicking that you wish to withdraw box, the email miraculously was accepted.
Sorry we can not show you this, because it was immediately sent.