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Expats Website Update

Just a quick update on what is happening here at EXPATSFORUMS.

We have taken the advice of you, our viewers and will now be making this site cell phone friendly.
The reason we haven’t done this previously is that as a forum (our original concept) everyone accessed us by PC or Tablet.
So the work that was required to make every page cell user friendly was a very big task and beyond the time that we had available.
However, after much discussion, we have now hired a “Web Assistant” to help us with this and hopefully other tasks required.
We are still self-funded and you will still not se any advertising here on this site.

Not only will you be able to access us by cell phone, Any updates should be done quicker and another benefit is that our Web Assist and is a young person from the Philippines and will provide her with some additional funds to further her studies.
We take this as a win, win for all parties.
With this extra help on board, we may even find time to revive our FORUMS section.
Thank you for being with us and Yes we listen to our viewers, so if you have an idea or suggestion for improvement, please contact us.

The Expats Team