How to Endear the DOA

YouTube Name: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines

Okay, so you want the Department of Agriculture to carry out a soil test from your property, You get a sample and take it to the DOA for analysis.

You do NOTHING for 12 months, not even follow it up when the results dont come back.

So what would most sensible person do?

If for one, would have followed it up many times if I didnt have my results back, and I am guessing most of you reading this would do also.

But, The leading farmer on Bohol (his words) didnt handle it that way, he did it “His way”.


He waited for 12 months (or more) and then when on a YouTube livestream (19 July 2021) and critisised the Philippines Department of Agriculture, one w Wordwide Platform.

A great way to endear yourself to the DOA.

Again, we can only go on what he said, there was not reciept or video of him going to the DOA with a sample bag.
My guess here is that he never even did send a soil sample to the DOA.

So maybe he can send me some evidence that this happened.  Just email at this forum or even send it to G.D Mead or The Raw Facts who’s email is everywhere.


Just watch the video,

Thanks Expats for posting this and  you all for watching.



This from A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines