Mead Charity Work (Updated)

YouTube Name: A Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippines

We have now established dialogue with members of and we have agreed to hide this post pending their investigation which may take some time as the said email is 12 months old.
We are now waiting for them to get back to us

We have received a copy of an email from an unknown viewer that is alleged to have come from the charity that Mr Mead has done a lot of work for.

We have contacted the charity and have requested the validity of if.
Once we have this confirmed we shall post it here.

If it cannot be confirmed as genuine, we will not post it.

This notice is posted as acknowledgement to the sender that we have received it and are doing our due diligence on it.


The Expats Team

In spite of several phone calls and email, the charity have not responded to us.
So we can not confirm if it is genuine or not.
However Mr Mead did get back to us and said he has no problem with us posting this as it is old news and irrelevant.