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Pork Charity Update

YouTube Name: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines

Pork Charity Update

It seems like almost every day something turns up as further evidence that Brian Smith is not being Totally honest with his subscribers.
Further to our previous post on the Pork Charity that was conducted in April / May 2020 by Brian and Maricel Smith of the YouTube Channel “A Foreginer Farming In The Philippines”. 
We asked Previously if anyone had sent fund via PayPal for this as they dont appear to be included in the analysis given by Brian Smith.

We have now been reliably informed that Brian Smith did receive money via PayPal for the “Pork Charity”.
In fact we have Proof of this by they way of several PayPal Transfer Notices.

Which now begs the question. 
Why weren’t these funds declared by Brian when he gave his final figures on this “Pork Charity”?.

As always we like to back up what we say and we shall post these PayPal Transfers up here later.
(When we get the approval of the senders)

The Expats Team

On Behalf of a viewer.