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Terence Flannery

AKA Terence Martin, 
AKA A Foreigner  in the Philippines
AKA Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc
YouTube Alias’s Include Deep Pockets & A Little Bit Rich 

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British Expat who arrived about 4 years ago via many years in the USA with
$2000 and a $500 per month pension.
He Married his 4th wife Elizabeth Vicente Torrejas who is 50 years his junior.

From his
LinkedIn profile he is a writer, Musician, story teller (some of them true) and
my we add Bankrupt, something he has never told his doners.

From his
many videos he appears to have a fascination with very young girls, even
telling his viewers that he has adopted a 10-year-old.
We all know that this is just another of his never-ending lies, as there is no way
an octogenarian could adopt a 10-year-old.

appear to have some sort of protection because about two years ago he did a
video saying that he was about to be deported, but also said that he knew high.
We were never told why he was to deported, but it must have been a serious

But it appears that there was a miracle (Like the cancer Cure) and he is still here.

Although the Martins have broken many laws they have not been prosecuted.
There are rumours on the internet they have bribed the Authorities in Bohol to
keep them from prosecution and the deportation of Mr. Martin.
Mr. Martin did allude in a video that he has a protector in Davao who is influential
enough to put pressure on the Authorities.

Here is a list of only some of the alleged criminal offences Terence Martin has committed in the Philippines and no action was taken against him, when in fact he should have been deported.
# Operating a fake charity.
# Working on a tourist visa.
# Being alone in close contact and touching children, especially young girls.
# Soliciting funds for a fake charity.
# Showing on video the plight of the poor, sick and needy of Bohol.
# Informing the public he had a license to operate the fake charity.
# Many people have asked the Martins to return their cash after it was found the
donations were not being used for the purpose stated. But no one has recieved a centavo back.

The Martins, Now have a 2-million-Plus peso motor vehicle, A new house with a swimming pool. An Apartment in town, Many overseas trips. all in 4 years

They run this so-called charity to solicit funds to help the poor – The majority was spent helping family members,
No accountability has been shown on where the money has come from and where it has been spent – Well we can see where it has been spent – On their personal items.

Evidence is contained on his YouTube Channel, is Self incrimination.

Below is a statement from their Charity YouTube Channel

“Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc” are dedicated to bringing positive change to their community in any way they can What started as a personal mission to help, quickly grew and has now attained the status of a non stock non profit charity here in the Philippines. Our mission statement: “Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc” exists to provide social assistance to the Filipino families who are losing hope, Our Vision:. We will end the year 2030 having provided 1,000 comfortable and secure homes to Filipino Families and helped with medical assistance and educational expenses. This is what we will accomplish. Everything we do should move us closer to realizing this vision. All revenue from Adsense earned from this channel will go directly to the organization’s own bank account.

We have requested evidence that the funds are are actually going into the organizations account and who are the signatories to that account, and what is your charity registration details?. So far we have not had any reply.miracle (

UPDATE: (24 July 2021)
After serveral years, we have finally recieved conformation of registration of the Terence Beth Giving Hope Inc.
It appears that it has been registered for about 18 months but so fare there has been no financials filed.

Has Terence stooped to a new low

We ask the question because his channel is loosing views he appears to have done so.
We are not even sure if this story is true or just another of his plans to gain more sympathy, views and therefore Donations and Adsense money.
It is not a topic to be taken lightly, but this guy has no shame.The contents of this video (If True) are very personal and should not have been the subject of a video.

Terence with his son Luc

Terence arrived in the Philippines in 2017  from Fort Myers, Florida, USA with, by his own admission, only $2000 to his name and a small pension and has just recently purchased a 2,000,000 php Motor Vehicle.



Adoption True or False

This aging expat who begged for money in order for him to have his vacetomy reversed (at age 79) so that he could have more children (Some of his existing children are already twice his current wifes age) has now told the world that he has adopted a young daughter. 
Well the vacectomy reversal has obviuously failed or was this just another scam to get money and the reversal procedure never actually happened?
Who knows the truth with this bloke?
Is this adoption true or false? If anyone has tried to adopt in the Philippines you will know the criteria that is applied and we do not believe that this guy qualifies.Check the requirements here and YOU BE THE JUDGE  UPDATE 7-July-2021 Click Here 

Taliklik & Terence

An Offical Complaint has been lodged

There has been an official complaint logdged about the activites of Terence & Beth Martin concerning the illegal activites of their so called charity.

They featured on a current affairs program GMA and this brought them to the attention of others who have reported them to the Authorites.

We have seen conformation and a case number that the athorities are now investigating them


T & B Complaints Board Pic
T&B 1 Complaints Board Photo


This is another scam that was perpetrated by Terence, Maricel and Brian

This was several years ago, but when confronted by it recently. 

The comment was that it was a misdiagnosis
Well if that was true, wouldn’t to think they would have a video about that great news?

No, The video is still there gaining Adsense Revenue.

How Low Can You Go? 


Terence, Has several alias’s Terence Martin and Terence Flannery. Born 22 July 1940
An 81 plus year old expat who pleaded for funding so he could have a vacectomy.
He also ebegs for funds for his charity, (Which was shut down as being illegal) .

He arrived in the Philippines about 4 years ago with $2000 USD and a small pension as income, But has recently purchased a P2,000,00 SUV, one can only guess where those funds came from.

He used to spend most of his time deleating comments that did not show him in a good light.
This must have been a task that was too big for him so he has turned off ALL comments on his youtube videos.

We have had an update on this and his comments were aparently turned off by YouTube because it contaction images of children which is against YouTubes Terms and Conditions.

Terence Flannery or Terence Martin, what ever name he is using today, has allegedly “Found God” or so he would have you believe on his recent videos, and have Started a YouTube Chaneel called Terence – Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc.

After facing deportation in 2018, he reluctantly registered the scam as a charity. However, gaining access to the financial reports has proven difficult, even though they are required by law to be made public

YouTube Statistics

Appears that people are slowly realising what this guy is about

How Genuine is this Guy?

In April 2019 this video was put out by Terence.
Well 2 years later, he is still putting out suspect videos
It was just another Scam and clickbait 

You be the Judge.


An Interesting item of funding of a “Driveway”!
Since when is a driveway a medical cost?

This was another colaboration including Terence and Brian Smith

This was from the BABY FAITH FUNDRAISER Video
It has come to light that the mystery Canadian that set up the Go FundMe Account was in fact in a relationship with Baby Faiths Mother

Other Issues

Terence Flannery, describes himself as a “Common man leading an Uncommon life.” It’s a life that has evolved out of a journey which has taken him through many cultures and countries. . A Boy Soldier in the British Army he served eight and a half years in far flung places such as East Africa. He was an award winning Graduate of The Royal Military School of Music studying the Trombone. Honorably discharged he became a professional musician in London.

Flannery worked in big Bands and small groups, singing and playing everything from jazz and top forty to good old Rock’n’Roll. He played for Christmas and New Year parties, weddings and birthdays at venues as grand as Buckingham Palace for Prince Charles on his thirtieth birthday, to the King David Suite and far too many Bar Mitzvahs. It’s more than he cares to remember and he has officially declared himself to be “Occasion Challenged.”

He taught himself furniture design and how to build what he designed by looking at how it was done in the furniture stores on Ventura Blvd. Working to special order he opened his own studio workshop and was soon able to support himself and his son Luc, eventually moving to Florida.

From there it was a short hop to becoming a mixed media artist and sculptor. Much of his artwork can be seen on his facebook page. Over time he has become more involved with his love of writing, especially in the short story genre with an imaginative colorful style all of his own. A gifted raconteur, and a former Toastmaster he is an entertaining public speaker and a skillful narrator.

 The author now focuses on his writing and narrating his stories for audio books. He lives on the beautiful tropical island of Bohol in the Philippines with his lovely wife Elizabeth.

 For your speaking engagements, narration and voice over commissions, contact him direct with your inquiries





Or You may wish to see the other side of Terence Flannery AKA Terence Martin

Terence Martin

Bohol, Philippines

Terry did the WRONG THING!  Aside from operating illegally, the biggest beneficiary of T&B’s so-called charity is Terence himself!  Terence and his family took for themselves: money for personal vehicles, wages and houses for his brothers/sisters-in-law, numerous balik-bayan boxes, a swimming pool, and a VASECTOMY REVERSAL for 80-year-old Terence (YES, you heard that right), etc…etc…etc.   Then, to top it off, after exploiting poor desperate needy people by parading them in front of his camera to gain views for his channel, he keeps all of the AdSense revenues for himself!  What an outright SCAM and exploitation of the poor for his own personal gain!!!  Furthermore, the DSWD told Terence to stop until he received legal non-profit status, BUT he arrogantly continued anyways! 


Terence Flannery aka Terence Martin and legal name Terry martin is a scammer in Bohol , Philippines . He and his 4th wife Beth . Are running a charity with out a license. They are under inv. by the DSWD in Bohol and DSWD H.Q. in the capitol . As well as the S.E.C. and N.B.I. He is on a tourist Visa which is not allowed for a business. They do not have a business license. They are well paid and are enriching there family first .Terence Flannery ( Terry Martin) lived in Fort Meyers , Fla and ran off leaving a lot debt behind. And his 3rd wife in China.


Terence Martin

A year ago the couple claimed to be in good standing with the Philippine govt. And had a green light to continue charity work. But have stopped. And stopped making feel good videos. Really .

Terrence Martin 

Zang Ngln

Jun 9, 2019


Terence Martin

Terence and Beth have stopper making videos. For good reason. They were forced to stop. They reached a deal to stop to avoid criminal prosecution. They will say it in not true. Terence has used many different names on legal documents . And posted videos from hospitals ( Data Privacy Act) and both act are illegal . Many complaint to the DSWD, NBI, Police and Tax Division is all it took.

Terence Martin 

Beth Scammer

Aug 21, 2019

Terence Martin

Quezon city ., Bohol, Philippines

Terence Flannery scammer.

Terence and Beth are scammers. there is no permit . contact the DSWD for your self . Department of Social Welfare and Development . ( DSWD) main office + 63(2)931810 Quezon city , Philippines . dswd.gov.ph

Terence Flannery scammer.Terence Flannery scammer. 

Terence Martin

A post for those people who were scammed into donated to Terence and Beth’s fake charity, and have now realized the money and gifts were not used to help the needy, but to support Terence and Beth’s lifestyle instead.
As a suggestion, you may wish to contact Raffy Tulfo to get your money returned. This would also act as means of again bringing the illegal pair to the attention of the Philippine Authorities.
Sir Raffy’s e-mail below.