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The Art Of Illusion

YouTube Name: A Foreginer Telling Truth in Philippines

This is a transcript of the email from GD Meads researcher which was read out on the YouTube Channel “A Foreginer Telling Truth in Philippines”

Today I’m going to tell you a short personal story as I think it’s important to highlight something

Back when I was in my 30’s I was working a full time job along with the rest of my siblings who also had full time jobs

My brother was always someone who spent more than he earned and was constantly asking myself for short time loans

“Can you help me out with a few bucks here and a few bucks there”
Always promising to pay it back next paycheck but was always late
It got to the point where my brother owed me several thousand dollars with no chance he was ever going to pay me in full and obvious he was always going to need more and more small loans to cover his expenses

During a conversation with one of my sister’s about our brother borrowing money from me, she laughed and said that he had borrowed from her before but never paid her back and he was always saying he was broke and struggling to survive

She made the point to me that helping someone out once or twice is a noble thing to do as life can be difficult at times and we all need some sort of help in our lives
But there must come a point that being a regular shoulder to lean on (or in this case, a regular injection of cash) has to come to an end if its the case that the person doing the asking doesn’t seem to be able to sort their lives out and you don’t see any effort on their part to resolve the situation

My sister told me that she came up with a neat trick of putting the brother off from asking for money by doing a very simple thing

Everytime they talked on the phone or met in person she would try to bring up in conversation as quick as possible that she had alot of bills this month, or the kids were doing extra activities in school that requires fees etc etc….

And it worked, she said always plead that your broke and no one will dream of asking to borrow money from you
It’s the best self defense

So in conclusion when a convicted bankrupt and fraudster has a YouTube channel and always pleads that he is “poor” there can only be a couple of reasons why he would do that (which I will list below)

First has to be the reason of, claiming to be poor so that the viewers feel sorry for him and have some sort of sympathy for a guy trying to make a living and using the excuses that the failures are always down to a reason that is not under his control
For example, blaming locals of stealing fish and shrimp or projects failing because employees didn’t follow his instructions
That is a very good way to pull on the heart strings of subscribers to open their wallets

But you must remember that the red van was sold for a price that never was disclosed or even mentioned at the time of sale
The income from that sale was never talked about on video or livestream
The same as the income from the recent fish harvest was never mentioned on video or livestream

Because if his subscribers knew he has cash in his pocket the scam of “no budget” wouldn’t work

The second reason someone would always claim they are broke is a more interesting one and I believe this might be the main reason is this,
Claiming being poor works very well when you also “owe money to people”

If you can always say that your poor then it gives you some wiggle room for paying your debts and this allows you to come up with payment plans etc …

Ofcourse we have no proof that there are outstanding debts but I find it very suspicious that when buying fish food he buys it at a local store and not from the fish food supplier that her used regularly for the Milkfish and shrimp

Remember his agreement with Rick over the pigs, he claimed he had no money to pay Rick for the sale and that is why Rick gave him a 6 month’s payment grace

He forgot to mention to Rick that he had not only bred those pigs and sold the piglets AND WAS ABLE TO PAY HIS DEBT during that 6 month’s period and even the following 9 months after the agreed payment date he sold the pigs during the “buy a pig fake charity” and he sold the pigs to subscribers for 12k each


SO AGAIN, just think of this very carefully as to why the failed farmer hides certain income but gladly posts publicly his losses

Just like the fact no mention of where the money is coming from to buy Gina’s house
If you all knew money was coming in every week for building supplies then you wouldn’t be so quick to want to help

And we know people are paying every week because Brian and Maricel keep saying they have no money for small things like fish food etc…
The building of the house continues on at the same time Brian has to borrow money from Gina to buy enough food for the fish for 4 days
How can you borrow money from someone who is also just as broke as you?

So does Gina have secret money that we don’t know about?
Did Brian borrow money that was sent to Gina to build her house?
It doesn’t make sense that Gina has spare money to lend anyone as she always says she is poor too

If you can’t afford to feed your fish then how can you be buying materials and paying salaries to build a house?

I hope this video might start to get you people thinking on the reality and truth