The Baby Faith Saga Revisited

Our Congratulations go out to the YouTube Channel, “Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines” for revisiting this great scam perpetrated by expats, Terence Martin Flannery and Brian Granville Smith and their partners.
Please visit this Youtube Channel and express your thoughts

There were several videos refered to in this video and links to those are listed below
The sad part is, These videos are still live on YouTube and still earning Adsense.

The Introduction
From Terence Flannery

The Final
From Brian Smith

There are other videos and information about this scam which may also be of interest to you.

Whatever Happned to the Money from The Raw Facts [LINK]
The Baby Faith Saga Continues from Jimbo360 [LINK]
The Baby Faith Charity Analysis [LINK]

Note: These links we have no control over if or when they are removed and apologise in advance if you can not access them