There appears to be a growing number of people that are trolling the youTube accounts of Vloggers, especially those operating out of the Philippines.
These are people with nothing better to do with their time, but are posting utter crap and misinformation.
Sometimes they are defending their favorite Vlogger and at other times just trying to cause mischief.
Some of these trolls have multiple accounts and even comment on thier own videos using these Ghost accounts.

How do we know?
Well if you watch some videos, it is the same people that post comments and then comment under a different name to those comments.
So it is not hard to work out.

The other way we know is that we receive information from Vloggers and Viewers who
notify us when they see these Trolls operating on their platform.

We also receive a lot of spam and hate emails from YouTube users, We place these on here as well.

If you notice a “Troll” or someone that just comments for the sake of commenting, without adding constructively to the conversation, Just let us know by lilling in the details on the form below and we shall call them out here.


Your identity remains private.

 Data entered into this form is automatically entered into our list.
If your name appears here and you dont think it should, Just send us a note us at and we shall investigate it for you..

The list so far
1A Foreigner Farming In the Philippines (The Clone)AFFITP
2A Foreigner Telling Lies in AustraliaStarted 25 06 2021
2A Stranger In a Strange LandTRF
3Abel GomesCrypto
4Andy SumisuAFFITP
5Anon Anon
6Augustus CharlieCrypto
7Bing MariaAFFITP
8Blake GordonCrypto
9Bohovel BloviatorAFFITP
11Brian AdamsCrypto
12Bridges BlackCrypto
13Bridges NoirCrypto
14Carl Brown
15Casas Inspiradoras
17Clive RobertCrypto
18Collin BrownKK
19Cryo TalkAFFITP
20Cryonics HereticAFFITP
23Dani LuisJust a Troll
24Darious BrownKK
25David O
26David Smith
27Dita TormanT & B Supporter
29Doc MAFFITP Troll
31Eric Chavez
32G.D Mead (The Clone of)
33Gren PriceAFFITP
34Grinko LokoAFFITP
35Hapkido ManAFFITP
36Hungarian polar bear Traveling America
Hungarian polar bear Traveling America
37James MillerCrypto
38Jamie HendersonCrypto
39Jane Higgins
41Jeff Wooldridge
43Jim Jensen
44John Fairs gold panning schoolCrypto
45John Smith
46John TayAFFITP
47Jordan ChrisCrypto
48Jordan Melby Vlogs (The Clone of)
49Kathy Lloyd
50Kay B
51Kenneth Bombard
52Kolsha Jacob
53KongKing in the Philippines
54Leo Villa
55Marc Cooper
57Marvin Clayton
58Micky MasonAFFITP
59MK IIT & B Supporter
60Paul PKongKing Devotee
62Peter Goyte
63Philippines Drama Exposed
64PhillJust a Troll from TRF
65Poppys Pizzaph Phillipines
66Preston Daniels
67R Yer
68Reynaldo AndoyAFFITP
69Rice Genius
70Richard LauzeCrypto
71Robert ONeillAFFITP
72Robert SettlesCrypto
75Sandro Leoardo
77Scott expat in the PhilippinesAFFITP
78Scott Parker
79Tim McVeigh
80Van TurnerReligious Nutter
81Vern Taylor
82William GomezT & B Lover
82Yogi BearAFFITP
83Eugene BoothTimK
84Hans ReyndersT & B Lover
Let Us know of other Trolls

Last Updated 04/25/2021