Village People Philippines

AKA Village People Philippines

Village People Philippines, is an English-speaking channel aimed at people who want to visit or retire the Philippines.
It is also directed at Overseas Foreign Workers who want to be kept informed about what is happening in the Philippines.

We provide information videos about business permits, local laws and business ideas for foreigners wishing to retire in the Philippines.

We also feature vehicle, such as cars and motorcycles, pricing here in the Philippines as well as general cost of living videos to show the real costs of living in the Philippines.

We want to give those wanting to visit or retire to the Philippines the tools they need to get the most from their visit or stay.
Another feature of our channel is to show the tourist spots and the natural beauty of the Philippines as well as stories, traditions, and customs of the local people.

The above is taken from their YouTube Channel 


A Recent activity was the raising of funds and the building of a Pump Boat which was given to a local so that he could earn a living and support his family.

As viewers of this website know all too well, There are many YouTubers in the Philippines that have filled their own pockets in the name of Charity.

We have found that not one of these has been transparent with the funds that they have received.

Well it is refreshing to know and we are pleased to report that this Vlogger has posted a Income and Expense report with the video that showed the handover of the Pump Boat.

This is something we have Never seen before.

Sure, we have seen a couple of Vloggers, read out figures from a scripted response, but when analysed, the figures don’t add up.

We would like to put a hard copy of the Village People Philippines Pump Boat Giveaway here and we have asked them for permission to do so.
If they agree, we shall post them, free of charge as we do with all information provided to us.

In the meantime, Have a look at the following video and support and you may even consider supporting them.

We have also found a video of the fight against scammers going back to 2018 and we have linked it here as well.


Further updates on the Charity projects are now available on their website

No 01 Fundraiser Result

The fight against Scammers 2018