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We have a Cease and Desist Order

YouTube Name: A Foreigner In The Philippines

It appears that someone is getting nervous.
We have received a Cease & Desist order for content about Terence Peter Martin contained on our channel.This was not instituted by him but by someone doing it for him and we cannot establish if it was done with or without his knowledge.

It was lodged in NYC where we are registered. 
Nonetheless, we are challenging that order.

We have also contacted SMNI the Media outlet that gave the recent interview with Terence and Beth Martin.
We asked them if they would do an interview with one of our representatives to put to Terence and Beth, a list of questions that we have for them.

We are yet to receive a response.

So we did some research into SMNI (the TV station that did that interview)and find it is owned by the “Kingdom of Jesus Christ” How convenient!  (Check them out on Wikipedia).

So what we conclude, is that it is not balanced reporting, But just giving the viewers the stories that they wish to put.

Very typical of many such organisations.

We have also contacted Congresswoman Lexie Tutor with whom he was shown with (without a mask) on other videos.
We asked her (via her Facebook page) if she was aware of the real Terence Martin or Terence Flannery as he is sometimes known.
The post stayed for about 24 hours and had many replies (some for some against) But Now deleted.

So being able to get honest answers about all this is like drawing teeth, Very difficult and painful
Check it out for yourselves.


The Expats Team


This Document has been removed on advice of
people with more knowledge of this issue than us.