New Friends?

YouTube Name: Maricels Homestead Kitchen

Once again, we have received another Tit bit from an eagle-eyed viewer.
We are aware that things on Bohol are getting difficult for some, but we feel this is stretching things a bit far.
Apparently Maricel Smith is trying to get in touch with Gary Martin (KongKing in the Philippines).
We have no idea what it is about, but recently he (kongking) was seen giving legal advice to Chistopher Wren ( A Brit In The Philippines).
Could she also be seeking some legal advice also?

We don’t and perhaps will never know. But there is an old saying along the lines of “You Are Judged By The Company You Keep”.
Gary Martin (KingKong) would have to be one of the foulest and Racist Vloggers on YouTube.
He has at least 3 Channels (to our knowledge) taken down because of the Content as promotes Paedophilia and Rape.
Nice company you are seeking Maricel.

Below is a screenshot taken from a recent YouTube video