100,000 peso assistance for sick child

This is the recent video and paperwork  https://youtu.be/lB3_TpKVpIg?si=tfiviaV6tqvoObAw A copy of the actual hospital account Follow GD Mead on his website at BoholScammers.com

Mead Charity Work (Updated)

YouTube Name: A Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippines We have now established dialogue with members of Uniting.org and we have agreed to hide this post pending their investigation which may take some time as the said email is 12 months old. We are now waiting for them to get back to us We have received a copy […]

John & Sherry

YouTube Name: John and Sherry In The Philippines We were alerted to this video which we thought we should share with you all. This really puts these expat Ebeggars to shame

Chris Wren is still ebegging

YouTube Name: A Brit in the Philippines Another attempt scam money from viewers by alledging he has to pay over 100K for land tax on his rented property. Since we have posted this video and made people aware of this scam, Chris has made this video private. If he has nothing to hide, Why do this,? […]

BIR Receipt for Funds Sent by GD Mead

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube Name: A Foreigner Telling Truth Philippines Below is an email and copy of the official BIR receipt issued to Geoff Mead on behalf of the suppoters of his YouTube Channel, “A Foreigner Telling Truth Philippines” by the registered Charity “Defeating Poverty Trhough Oppertunity Inc” which is operated by Village People […]

New Addition to our Watch List

YouTube Name: John Smulo We have recently recieved information that the above, John Smulo aka John Cares has also been raising funds for typhoon relief via a personal GoFundMe account but there is very little evidence so far that he has distributed it to those affected. He is also aledegdly operating a charity named “The […]

YouTube To Ban Scammers ?

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube Name: The Raw Facts The Raw Facts have information that YouTube will be Demonitising Channels that are known to be cammers. We do not have any copies of the offical announcement, but can only hope this rumor is true. Below is the video that was put out on December 29 2021 […]

Village People Philippines – Rebuilding After Typhoon

YouTube Name: Village People Philippines and their Charity “Defeating Poverty” This is what proper and legal charites do, Just take charge and get the support where it is needed. Unlike many Vloggers who pretend to to be charities but just help themselves. Please support the Village People Philippines charity “Defeating Poverty” Please note that this is a […]

Mead $500 Donation Receipt

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube Name: A foreignerTelling Truth In Philippines On December 15th 2021 G D Mead received a donation of AUD500 and has asked us to show the receipt here.