Managing A Charity Corporation In The Philippines.

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube Name: Defeating Poverty This is a very informative informational video, which covers legal requirements to operate a charity in the Philippines. We would be interested in seeing similar documentation from other so called charities. It is worth noting here that many of these requirements are also the same for businesess […]

GD Mead Adsense Charity Donation Update

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube Name: A Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippines G D Mead recently did a video expaining what was happening with the Adsense Revenue that was promised to be given to a registered charity in the Philippines. There have been many questions asked and this we hope will explain the exact situation, […]

Mead Adsense Update

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube Name:A Foreigner Telling Truth in Philippines This video was posted on 26th October 2021 – Time timestamp date from the video camera is incorrectly set. This is a copy and paste of the comment that we placed on that Youtube Video.It appears that it has been deleated but here […]

Official Response to DSWD Meeting with Brian Smith

We are all aware that Brian Smith was summond to a meeting with the DSWD and on  video he claimed that he was in the clear and that those officials were dumb ass’s or word to that effect. Well, below is an official letter from the DSWD on the outcome of Only one of the […]

Baby Faith Charity Analysis

Once again our thanks go to a hard working viewer for providing us with this information to share here. Place mouse over image to pause Information gathered from Brian Smiths own video – see here Previous Next

Proof that an expat is again defying the Authorities

A viewer have sent us a copy of an email that he has received in reply to a follow up of a complaint lodged.So to the guy that says that no one has contacted him, is just another lie, because here is the proof. To put to rest concerns that this is not real because […]

The E-Begging Hot Potato?

YouTube Name: A British Expat In The Philippines Here is a video dealing with Vlogging in the Philippines.It is an interesting and alternative view to what has normally been portrayed Please click on the YouTube Link so that the creator gains the “Adsense” As we always say “You Be To Judge” E Begging Hot Potato

Village People Philippines Charity Update

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] Defeating Poverty Through Opportunity Incorporated The Village People Philippines have advised us of the separation of themselves and the Charity.There is now a separate Legal Entity Called “Defeating Poverty Through Opportunity Incorporated “For further informationWeb:    www.defeatingpoverty.comEmail: Social: Youtube Click Logo To Go To Their Website Defeating Poverty Through Opportunity Inc,  have produced […]

Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc – The Plot Thickens

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] Again, we have received some more information from a viewer. Dear ExpatsForums In regards to the Annual return from Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc. When I read It, I noticed some anomalies. I contacted and asked DSWD to clarify a couple of questions. One question was why was the contact e-mail, […]

Defeating Poverty Through Opportunity Inc

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube: Village People Philippines [pdf id=13606] Return ExpatsForums wishes to advise you that, articles, Media, videos etc are the property of the creator and we thank them for their contribution and as we always say. YOU BE THE JUDGE